What’s She Up To Now?

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Stitching a tapestry to recreate the Zoutpansberg,
Exploring fynbos, the lavender, the arum lilies,
Putting on a sari or chitenge, or just a navy uniform,
Which could turn gray or cream with the continents,
Shooing the elephant or jumping from one bus to another
With a red rover ticket, two children in tow,
Sitting down for cibwantu with Rebecca or coffee with Ida?

Walking streets of gold, greeting angels and long past friends,
Joining the singers, but preferring the baby grand,
Glad to be over headaches, heartaches, forgetfulness,
Taking a break, having a nap, resting at peace,
Nipping into our dreams , slipping into conversation,
Then  waking just in time to call ‘tea – hee’,
And say ‘Here endeth the lesson. Get on with life,’ 


17 – 7 – 1942   to   9 - 2 - 2019