The Portrait Gallery of Health

In February 2008 the Salvation Army Medical Fellowship, Switzerland, together with Paul and Margaret, explored the theme: Health, History and Faith.  The weekend included a virtual tour of ‘The Portrait Gallery of Health’. There were three galleries.

The Gallery of the Ancient World included portraits of Moses, Gautama Buddha, Hippocrates, Julius Caesar, Jesus of Nazareth, Constantine, St Fabiola, Avicenna, Moses Maimonedes, St Francis of Assisi and John Wesley.

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The Gallery of the 19th and 20th Centuries included: Florence Nightingale, David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor, Albert Schweitzer, Carl Jung, Victor Frankl, Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul ll.

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The Salvation Army Gallery was the third. It includes people, now ‘promoted to glory’ who have had a significant role in the development of Salvation Army Health Services. It includes several former Generals and a number of medical doctors, such as Harry Andrews, Percy Turner, William Noble, Stanley Beer. Four Salvation Army doctors who have died while in active service in recent decades are here: Walter Lucas, Murray Stanton, Hazel Scott and Philippe Huguenin. But less well known women such as Louise Mary Tucker, Margaret Bovill, Gertrude Wakernagel and Grace Sughanantham are also in the gallery.

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