The Life and Death of the Founder of The Salvation Army (William Booth)

This presentation originates from one of three sets of slides. They were gifts, together with a lantern slide projector and script, from General Bramwell Booth to Lt Colonel B J Siebrits, a South African officer who served at The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters as auditor.
The Colonel passed these to his son, Bandmaster B J (Jack) Siebrits of Cape Town. The original projector was used for showing the slides in the Cape Town City Hall in the 1950s. In spite of the size of the building the antique equipment performed admirably. However, eventually the projector globe could not be replaced. Ever-resourceful, Jack Siebrits fitted a lamp from a modern projector and continued using it to good effect.
In due course the collection of slides and projector passed to the bandmaster’s daughters, Myra and Margaret, Sercombe and du Plessis respectively. Major Howard Sercombe scanned these and readily granted permission for them to be posted on ‘’. Even though there are probably better images of some scenes elsewhere, the purpose was to make this particular collection accessible to others. 

For further information on William and Catherine Booth and The Salvation Army please go to:
The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre

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