Paul's Poems

altHere are some of the poems that Paul du Plessis has written. 

Paul’s poems began in the early 1960s, the first written after a Salvation Army meeting in which the preacher tried to explain the Trinity. It reflects a young man’s quest for understanding spiritual truth, a theme which has persisted over the years as the poetry has evolved.


Many, like A Dedication Prayer have been written for family events; others, like Death of the Living Dead from within a work experience; some, like The Organist, are virtually a holiday diary. Throughout there is a love for things beautiful and things sacred.


Most are pensive and serious in style, but occasionally the light-hearted, even playful side of him comes out such as in Discontent.


The poetry is most of all a record of a spiritual pilgrimage and the quest for meaning. Some might even describe it as mystical. From as early as 1969, with Communion, a growing awareness of the presence of the living Christ pervades.

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‘People are exasperated by poetry which they do not understand
and contemptuous of poetry which they understand without effort.’

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