Many of the poems are devotional in content or style.alt

Several have a biblical basis. I Am that I Am draws on the experience of Moses before the burning bush; Tablets of Stone, refers to his experience on Mount Sinai; Ascension was written on Ascension Day on    the slopes of a Swiss mountain.

Some, like The Sacredness of Silence come from meditation in a chapel; others, like In the Garden,     from experiencing the beauty of creation.

Many follow the Salvationist tradition of expressing spiritual experience in ‘the testimony’. Saved in Time is an example.

The themes of life and death appear frequently. Expressionless Death however contrasts with a strong conviction about a commitment to life and living as shown in For Life.

Redemption March 2024
The Rhythm of Faith September 2023
Blackberry Eucharist August 2023
City Centre Resurrection March 2023
The Ring of Grace June 2021
Isolation March 2020
Dedication February 2018
Peace at Taize October 2017
Ongoing Exploration March 2017
Through the Roof August 2016
Where’s My Pokémon? July 2016
Crucified Together March 2016
Eucharist November 2015
YHWH September 2015
Garden Encounter June 2015
The Path May 2015
Qualifications March 2015
Beyond Make-Believe October 2014
My Hands and My Head September 2014
Consequences July 2014
Soul Mate July 2014
Return May 2014
Transformation April 2014
Lenten Journey March 2014
Holy, Holy, Holy March 2014
My Burden is Light February 2014
New Year 2014 January 2014
Stations of the Cross November 2013
Lost and Found October 2013
A Stony Silence October 2013
Snakes and Ladders July 2013
Made Perfect May 2013
Blood-stained April 2013
New Year January 2013
Celebrating Vatican ll October 2012
The Visitation June 2012
Pierced March 2012
The Martyrdom October 2011
Choices September 2011
Just As I Am August 2011
James August 2011
Ironing with Isaiah June 2011
Celebrating Triumph May 2011
Intercession May 2011
Faith Without Words May 2011
The Anonymous Donor May 2011
In Detention October 2010
God in Quotes August 2010
The Wrestlers July 2010
Renewal June 2010
Interpretation May 2010
Self-Realization May 2010
Van Gogh's Good Friday April 2010
Incarnation November 2009
Variations on a Theme September 2009
The Book September 2009
Prayer Walk July 2009
Credit Crunch Crucifixion April 2009
Work Horse February 2009
Journey from Babylon February 2009
Natural Selection January 2009
Ultimate Reflections September 2008
Unforgettable August 2008
Fully Cleansed July 2008
The Symphony June 2008
Beyond Belief April 2008
A Song at Midnight October 1975
I Am that I Am August 1971
In the Garden April 1976
Instrument of Peace July 1995
Silent Worship May 1971
The Conflict March 1978
The Sacredness of Silence January 1984
Trinity June 1963
Zebedee Remembers September 1978
Beatitude Reflections May 1972
Depression October 1976
Sunday Morning Testimony November 1976
The Marriage is Made Holy August 1973
Imprisonment January 1976
For Life March 2008
The Renewing of the Saints November 1982
Woman, Why are You Weeping? March 1999
Tablets of Stone July 2004
Saved in Time February 1968
Random Thoughts July 2003
Rightly Named June 2005
Match-Making July 2004
Expressionless Death April 1976
At His Appointing June 1970
Ascension June 2003
As Time Goes By May 2004