The last of August celebrates the day

That is as yesterday when it is past

The four score years a mother's children pray

Will multiply in time's eternal cast. Doris_Erica_du_Plessis__nee_Erikson_.jpg

Her life must yet endure beyond the years

Now spent as chapters of a tale that's told:

A Swedish Finn from Knysna woods appears

To find Algoa Bay - the Gilbeys' fold

And Doris Erikson is born to leave

The lowly home salvation's cause to spread

Till Kriegler's love arrives and we receive

Our life from one who still is safely led.


Through eighty years the Lord's own beauty rests:

Her strength from labour's toil and sorrow's tests


Reflections on Psalm 90 on Mother's 80th


August 1984

Doris Erikson (31/08/04 - 26/03/91) and Kriegler du Plessis (21/12/11 - 21/07/03) were married on 11/07/38