United Kingdom

altIt was in 1967 that Margaret and Paul arrived in the United Kingdom for postgraduate medical studies and then Salvation Army officer training. The Swallows conveys some of the nostalgia felt for home.


But their ten years in the 80s gave opportunity for family holidays. The Change and A Family in Ireland are among the poems written. It was a family joke that there had to be a poem for the holiday to be declared
a good one!


The return to London in 1999 provided opportunities to explore the cultural life of the city. After Les Miserables, On First Visiting the British Museum, The Ballerina record some of these. And National Trust membership has led to exploration of some of their properties. Chartwell and Climate Change refer to some of these visits.

The Hotel July 2024
Welcome to Highgate June 2024
The Empty House February 2024
The Common Snipe January 2020
Pause for Prayer May 2016
Left Behind in the Woods May 2016
Autumn October 2015
The Meadow July 2015
The Immigration Office September 2012
Green Park October 2011
The M25 at 70 July 2011
Open-air Mass September 2010
Hayling Island Scarecrow August 2010
Croft Cottage Hospitality July 2010
Acceleration July 2010
Seven Seven July 2010
Lindisfarne Gospels June 2010
Last Post November 2009
Gang Warfare August 2009
Coverack August 2009
The Wilderness April 2009
Woodland Dreams February 2008
Vaughan Williams Pilgrimage October 2008
Remember Tutankhamun August 2008
Maypole Weavers May 2008
Swallows July 1968
The Change August 1984
Rogation-tide Blessings May 2005
Quadrupled Thanks August 2005
The Ballerina December 2005
The Powerhouse May 2007
The First Emperor January 2008
Interruptions November 2007
The House on the Bridge July 2001
Defences February 2006
Climate Change May 2007
Chartwell January 2007
Brockham Bonfire November 2006
On First Visiting the British Museum Library January 2001
Blue Print for the Future September 2002
After Les Miserables January 2000