Zambia and Africa

altBoth Margaret and Paul had visited Zambia, and Chikankata Mission before appointment there at the end of the dry, cold season in 1968. It was a few months before the dramatic Zambian rainy season arrived. The Rains Have Come records the joy of the experience.


Understanding traditional religion and Tonga cultural practices were an important part of life. Vengeance is Mine, The Holy Dance, Chief Mweenda’s Ziliango and The Rain Maker’s Prayer give some insight to these.


It was at Chikankata that the children were born. Catherine remembers many Saturday afternoon walks with her mother and father. Several poems record these: The Lakeshore King, Butterfly Thoughts, The Walk and A Zambian Summer Sunset.


When the family returned to Zambia in 2007 it gave Catherine the opportunity to fulfil a long-standing dream to show to her husband, Steve and the children the Chikankata Mission and its surroundings. It became for all a Journey to a Sacred Place.