A seven year-old starts losing her teeth and not only gets something from the tooth fairy, whom she names Rainbow Butterfly, but also a series of stories about how the fairy keeps losing her wing and how it grows again.  A few years later she wants to know what happened to the tooth fairy. 

She is based in America, but often visits her grandmother in England, so inevitably the story weaves these worlds with that of the world she discovers.

Do you believe in fairies; do they live at the bottom of your garden? Even though only children can see them, parents and adults can read about a fairy’s world, discover how similar it is to our own, how their values can be ours; and importantly, how make-believe can become real.  The grand-daughter wanted to know what happened to the tooth fairy. You may also like to know. Then this is a ‘must read’.

 Here’s what some have said about the book:
  • This is a magical book, guaranteed to spark creativity and inspiration in the hearts and minds of adults and children.  
  • A delightful group of bite-sized stories with a moral is followed by a great story that is both entertaining and amusing. Great for today’s youngsters.
  • There are some delicious touches in the prose, even exciting at times; the pictures are delightful and full of gorgeous colour.

Written by Paul, illustrated by Wendy Mayell, the E-book is available on Amazon @ £2.99