A Minority Community

We attend the Friday evening Shabbat Shalom of one of the Reformed Synagogues in Jerusalem. It is led by a woman, and is largely a sequence of chants to welcome the sabbath, and honour the basic tenets of the law, and then a prayer for peace. We try to be one with them even if we lack understanding. We join in with lots of la, la, la's, stand up and sit by playing follow the leader.
The president of the synagogue welcomes us explaining that they really are a minority in Israel, not getting state financial support as the orthodox and ultra-orthodox do. We don't get to hear the finer points of theological distinction, but one thing is clear: even though they honour and value the scriptures they do not accept them literally, but rather need to discuss them to the point of understanding. Sounds a bit familiar. 
Even so I'm content with where I am, and I suspect my fellow-traveller Lutherans are too