A Slippery Experience

You go in carefully, obeying all the instructions, but still find that entering can be a rather precarious experience. 'Not for heart patients or those owning high blood pressure', says the sign. You've got the all clear on that one, so proceed with caution. Along the 'jetties' of rough rocks until you think you're on sure footing and suddenly you're down to the knee in a sink hole. You try to wriggle out, but before you know it you've slipped under, covered in the oily waters of the Dead Sea.

'Relax', say the fellow travellers, and I do; roll onto the back, arms outstretched, gazing heavenwards, with not a care in the world, for just a few minutes, floating, buoyed up by the high percentage of salts and sulphur.

And then for the mud bath as you emerge. Scouring the skin, ending up with a temporary tattoo, or highlighting the muscles of a not very fit body. It's good for you, they say. I'll believe them. After all sulphur ointment was what we prescribed for scabies in the 'good old days'. But I'm not scratching, so not guilty.

But then it's out of the water, and a fresh water shower, leaving the mud and the salt behind.

Return to the real world again.