I Appeal to Caesar

They've all had a say in the development of this 2000-year-old coastal town, Caesarea Maritima. Now the archaeologists are having a ball, uncovering evidence of one after another - in reverse order, the Ottomans, Crusaders, Byzantine all with their additions or modifications. But it was Herod who established it, Roman style, with entertainment for the occupying forces, a harbour, hippodrome (race course) theatre, nymphaeum (local square around a fountain), temple, bath and of course his palace. Water came  from the foot of Mt Carmel, and was delivered along the many miles of aqueduct.
It was in Caesarea that Paul was imprisoned for his trial and where he appealed to Caesar. He was sent off across the Med. All we could do was to take off shoes and socks and paddle, and feel the warmth of the water and the coarse sand underfoot. Wonderful.
But then the journey through the Carmel range and the valley of salt to Nazareth. It will soon be time for sleep, and the Humpty Dumpties will be able to fall - into bed, of course.