Vocational Training

The Geneva congregation gifted half its harvest money this year to this project in north Jerusalem, so it's understandable they want to see it. I've seen many similar elsewhere but have to say this one takes the cake in scope, sophistication and success. 400 students attend for a variety of programmes in at least half a dozen centres in Palestine and Jerusalem. Sometimes a short course; others a two year programme. 
Some of our group are experts in 'outcome indicators', so the questions fly. The wide range of skills development, from electronics to carpentry (I love the smell of wood in the workshop), is complemented by life-skill training, much of it on the sports field. And in spite of many having limited numeracy and literacy skills they are trained in setting up their own business. They get help for this or finding employment.
The director was a student here 20 years ago - a motor mechanic, now the boss. It's Palestine's Independence Day (the director thinks that's a joke) so there are very few students around. We concentrate on the ceramics workshop, and see young ladies at work on the potter's wheel, drying, sanding, painting, glazing, and then on the shelves for sale. 
They do well out of our visit. But we also enjoy the Turkish coffee.