Devotional Blogs

Many of these devotional blogs were originally written at the request of The Leprosy Mission International as contributions to their in-house daily devotionals - The Bridge.
Scripture is applied to personal experience resulting in what amounts to autobiographical reflection.

The Mission Imperative - Frederick Booth-Tucker October 2022
The Mission Imperative - C T Studd October 2022
The Mission Imperative - William Carey and others October 2022
The Mission Imperative - John Wesley October 2022
The Mission Imperative - Thomas October 2022
A Medical Missionary - Facing the End July 2022
A Medical Missionary – Dealing with Injustice July 2022
A Medical Missionary - Explores the World July 2022
A Medical Missionary – And Helpful Mentors July 2022
A Medical Missionary - In Preparation July 2022
Education and Learning September 2018
A Haven September 2018
Recycled; Transformed; Made New. September 2018
Fifty or Five Thousand? September 2018
New Opportunities May 2018
Reconciled with Truth May 2018
Feet First May 2018
Clarity of Vision May 2018
A Rhodesian Landmine February 2018
On Behalf of Others February 2018
A Shared Name February 2018
A Goodly Heritage February 2018
Keep on Listening June 2017
With the Emphasis on ‘As If’ June 2017
‘Please Just Listen to Me’ June 2017
‘He’s Deaf, You Know.’ June 2017
The Cross-Resurrection Event April 2017
Through a Glass Darkly February 2017
Returning to the Fold February 2017
Different Emphases February 2017
Differences in the Family February 2017
Full Surrender November 2016
Getting To Know You November 2016
The Sins of a Leprosarium November 2016
Only If I See It For Myself November 2016
And Persecution Also April 2016
God Answers Prayer April 2016
Preaching and Healing Bridged April 2016
Troubled Waters April 2016
A Bridge Repaired April 2016
Acceptance and Contentment October 2015
A New Community October 2015
Of Men and of Angels October 2015
Forget the Former Things October 2015
Followers of Jesus? August 2015