Jaffa or Yafo

This is twin city with Tel Aviv. The larger Arab population, remnant of the 1948 war, gives representatives on their council. It was cultural and diplomatic capital during the British mandate while wealthy Jews developed Tel Aviv into a replica of New York. From Jaffa they exported oranges - Jaffa oranges. There was daily shuttle link with Beirut, the other major cultural centre of the region.

In 1948 caught by the pincer strategies of the Zionist militias Palestinians fled south to Gaza and by sea to Lebanon and Syria. Many of their descendants remain in camps there.

This is where Jonah left from on his fateful journey, and also where Peter's dream gave him a clear understanding that the gospel is for all people, not just Jews. 'Rise, Peter, kill and eat!' was the message. 

So one of us has lamb, the other chicken kebab - too big for one person, though - sitting like Humpty Dumpties on a wall for our lunch, and just about to fall because we're tired. But we don't.