Mary's Meditation

Sleep on, my baby, sleep on in simplicity,

Hush then my dear one!, your mother's felicity,

God's own good gift to a world in calamity:

Born to redeem, and annul all atrocity.

Saviour of men, come to lead them to liberty.

Jesus, Messiah, our hope through eternity.


Will you then shepherd your sheep with tenacity,

Chasing away all the treacherous ferocity,

Leading them on into pastoral tranquillity,

Finding them water with greatest alacrity.

Letting them drink till they find full satiety?

Jesus, our Shepherd, our guide and security.


Will you then reign like these kings in their majesty,

Come to a stable despite its humility,

Bearing their gifts with a heart of sincerity?

Have you a crown to wear - sign of regality?

Prince of Peace, Counsellor, yet in your infancy.

Jesus, our King, reign in utter supremacy.


June 1967

Written as a song to the tune: Afrikaanse Wiegieliedjie