Switzerland and Europe

altVisits to Switzerland were initially at the invitation of Ruth Schoch and Esther Girsperger, to Ringgenberg, to Arosa, and to Stammheim. When The Salvation Army’s holiday home in Ringgenberg was under threat of closure, Ringgenberg’s Secret was documented; a few years later its survival was celebrated in
A Song at Ringgenberg.


When André and Patrick moved to Geneva, that provided opportunity to explore Calvin’s city and to record some impressions and reflections in terse and even cryptic style in Dead or Alive.


Ambiguity, contrasts and comparisons with personal experience appear in Recreation;


Visits to Paris have opened understanding of French and Huguenot ancestry in Freedom in Paris.

Via Alpina September 2011
The Mountain Hut September 2010
Touched May 2010
Iglooed Together April 2010
Alpine Snowshoeing February 2010
Holiday Rhymes July 2009
Anne Frank Remembered April 2009
Another Father Christmas December 2008
Decline July 2008
The Peak June 2008
Schönbrunn 1918 May 2008
Ringgenberg's Secret May 1998
Rediscovery June 2003
Stammheim June 2003
The Ancestors July 2004
The Organist July 2004
Mesmerised July 2005
Recreation December 2006
Peak Performance June 2007
Freedom in Paris February 2007
Dead or Alive April 2006
Celebrating Youthfulness June 2001
Astronomical Exploration June 2005