altAncestors feature significantly in these poems. Paul’s lineage is French Huguenot blended with Swedish
Finn (Erkison), with some Dutch (Kriegler) and
English (Gilbey).

He owes much to his parents, Kriegler and Doris du Plessis. These poems are dedicated to them:: Father Love and Octogenarian.

1964 brought marriage to Margaret (Siebrits) with her German, British (Prince and Esplin) and also Koisan (Krotoa) heritage, mentioned in Celebrating Ancestors. The marriage fulfilled one of Margaret’s teenage dreams: ‘…to marry a doctor; live in Bishopscourt and to drive a red MG.’

Their home now bears the name Bishopscourt; but there’s no MG.

Catherine (b 1969) and André (b 1976) feature frequently. Alan John (b 1971) who died after just five days is remembered in To a Neonate.

The births of each of the grand-children have been recorded in the poems: David Steven Taylor; Jonathan Paul Taylor; To Rachael Ann, as is the loss of a pregnancy: To an Unknown Child.

But Margaret remains central with a number of love poems, many for wedding anniversaries, Partners in Mission among them.

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