Knowing where you belong is an important part of identity. But sometimes that identity is multiplied by numerous connections. So if we don't know where a poem belongs for now, let's put it under 'miscellaneous'.

As time goes by the category title may change, but for now, that's it - miscellaneous.





The Sun March 2024
The Gate March 2024
The Other Side March 2024
The Wind March 2024
Creation February 2024
The Moors Musician August 2023
The End July 2023
The Tortoise May 2023
Together May 2023
Every Voice Matters January 2021
Somewhere at the Back November 2019
Making Peace in a Violent World August 2017
On the Street September 2016
Dust and Ashes June 2016
Water Lilies February 2016
Magnolia Poetry Half-Remembered January 2016
Paradise Regained September 2015
Peace Treaty August 2015
Solar System February 2015
Clouded Skies August 2014
Dressed for Court May 2014
The Forecast March 2014
Inspiration January 2014
Twitter January 2014
Countdown September 2013
On Tenterhooks August 2013
Downpour August 2013
Gone with the Wind February 2013
Cogito ergo sum? February 2013
The Mirror February 2013
The Battle-Field November 2012
Omphalos August 2012
Olympic Race August 2012
One Way Journey July 2012
Just a Minute June 2012
The Language February 2012
There Was No Tomorrow November 2011
The Phone October 2011
Waking Dreams September 2011
Dissolution of the Monastery July 2011
The Gallery April 2011
Christmas Ding Dong January 2011
WikiLeaks December 2010
Brass Inside Out November 2010
Power Cuts November 2010
Downstream October 2010
The Artist September 2010
Samba Signals August 2010
Sting in the Tale July 2010
Consensus May 2010
Stock Market Vertigo December 2009
The Penguins January 2010
Butterfly Thoughts January 1971
Chief Mweenda's Ziliango September 1973
Sounds in an African Night November 1972
The Holy Dance March 1969
The Rains Have Come December 1968
The Walk July 1976
The Rain-Maker's Prayer August 1978
Another Monetary Crisis June 1973