Credit Crunch Magnificat

Eating 'Umble Pie: The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries, Victoria and Albert Museum. After the otter and goose hunt, the servants eat bread and offal, sharing the meal with the dogs

Rumours rumble and elders mumble
But generations to come will say we’re blessed
As headlines preach gloom and newscasts doom
My spirit rejoices in God.
Hopes crumble as the bees bumble
Yet mercy extends to those who fear
With assets concealed and honey congealed
Yet he fills the hungry with good.
The leaders fumble as markets tumble
But he has shown strength in his arm
Cancelling toxic debts and reckless bets
Exalting those of low degree.
Their pie is humble and clothing jumble
But the rich he sends empty away
As traders take flight and taxpayers fight.
He that is mighty does great things.
The innocent stumble and the wealthy grumble
And the proud are scattered in their hearts
As Wall Street collapses recession relapses
But my soul still magnifies the Lord.
30 September 2008
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