Temple Mount

We'd had our first contact when visiting the Western Wall watching many getting as close as they could to the temple for prayer. Today there's a queue for the security check below a sign reminding Orthodox Jews that they should not enter until the rebuilding of the temple is to take place. They are preparing for this in the Jewish Quarter with a minora already on show. If they decide to go ahead, ala 1967 invasion style, God help us. That will surely mark the beginning of WWlll. But no sign of that today. We're relaxed and quiet as we visit. 
Originally Solomon's Temple, then rebuilt and rebuilt again until destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Rivalry between Jordan and Saudi ends with construction of the Dome of the Rock. Briefly  held by the Crusaders but once again in Muslim hands. The dome was recently re-gilded, once again after a quarrel, but Jordan's king won again. No religious symbols are allowed. Even a cross around a neck is forbidden. All to allay religious conflict. But we are offered a free booklet - All About Islam. Perhaps I'd better read it.