As Time Goes By

Latent energy pent up since dawn

Holds together a movement

But slowing it down into the immobility

Of institutionalised order

That marks time with tenures

In office routines and minutes

Galvanizing the stereotype.


But the power of sequenced acids

Spiralled into sexuality and desire

Explode uncontrollably

In a series of choices

Randomised by disorder

And the disdain of condemnation

In a split-second's expression.


So we struggle across the field of counsel

Charted by a thousand years of freedom

Sinking low in the bog of buttercups

And cross the stream ascending the forty-nine steps

Plus one halfway up the hill

Where the burden of assassination

Is laid to rest for ever.


Sunbury Court

17 May 2004

IHQ Officers' Councils with L & H Rader and the afternoon walk to Runnymede.