Lost and Found

Lost for words, the thread, the plot;
Memories filed away in confusion.
There, but blocked from retrieval;
The essence of humanity fading away
As connections fizzle out into nothing
And we disappear off the radar,
Consigned to the scrap-heap of oblivion,
Leaving the ninety nine in bewilderment
Until someone comes to search for us.
Can’t find the keys – anywhere;
Upstairs-downstairs a dozen times a day;
Every cupboard turned out, all drawers emptied;
Try the garage, check the frig; but they’re gone,
Stored away with the squirrel’s hoard
In the unmarked grave of an unknown warrior,
Until we call the neighbours (plural) to help
And there’s rejoicing all round
As the door opens to new-found friends.
Lost the way, and the license;
No longer the driver turning right;
Purposeless and without direction;
Autonomy surrendered; dependency takes over,
Slowly consuming dignity;
Grazing with sheep, chewing the cud with cows,
A swineherd wishing there were somewhere better.
So we head for home – where we belong,  
And find someone’s there, waiting for us.
October 2013 

Read the stories behind the verses: The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, The Lost Son.   (Luke 15)