Prepared to head off into the unknown,
Launched into the deep and out of our depth
Plunged into unfathomed waters uncharted,
With a built-in compass but no maps to guide,
A sat-nav silent: destination unknown,
And all we hear is 'turn around when possible'.

But the winds drive on relentless, untamed,
Through the roaring forties; trailed by an albatross,
Lost herself, she needs to hang on,
Until we're ready to descend onto the sea-bed,
Entering the nirvana of perpetual calm,
Automatically transformed in peace and tranquillity.

Lost, without direction and purpose,
But in deepest mystery at the extremes of life,
Truth dawns with divine revelation,
Born of the Spirit, guide of the soul,
So the compass turns and we head for home
For another journey, and another line.

May 2014.