Beyond Make-Believe

Sticks and stones and a path fingered through sand,
Created nothing out of something,
But arranged in a child's world of make-believe
To become something out of nothing.

The tin soldiers march out of their cardboard box
Into a war that might make a no-one into someone,
But lead-shot shrapnel peppers the brain
Making another someone into an unknown no-one.

Or up the Faraway Tree into the Land of Play
Where once again nothing becomes something,
And we float along, daydreaming to ourselves 
Then breaking something like precious toys into nothing,

Until the fantasies of an adult world
Make the ideal no-one into the longed-for someone.
Our elusive idol, dreamt of in secret, fades 
And another someone becomes another no-one,

Leaving us with the lonesome feeling 
That no-one understands our search for someone,
Until we open the book set in Judea and Galilee
To discover the perfect someone who helps us find no-one - 
But ourselves.

October 2014