Through the Roof

Polyneuropathy, spina bifida, a stroke,
Motor neurone disease? But a pleasant bloke.
All we know, he's been paralysed for years,
One of the disabled without their wheelchairs.

Some might even think we're a gang of pall-bearers
Working under the direction of the undertakers,
Bypassing outpatients, surgeries and other sick-bays,
None of them very successful these days.

We're headed for the house mobbed by milling crowds.
Never make it in - might as well be in the clouds.
But who left the step-ladder here? Just for us?
Carefully lads - gently - let him down without fuss

That guy got him fixed real quick - he's up and about.
Said something about sin, though we deserve the clout.
The man who fixed him up won't repair the roof,
So the landlord's after us, better be on your hoof.
Mark 2:1-5

August 2016