Ongoing Exploration

Always going beyond the horizon -
Searching for something, or just the unknown
Or what will be there when the journey is over.
Perhaps to find the best place to rest?
A stone for a pillow on a rough path
Among rabbit burrows and fox holes,
Under the bird's nest cradled in the willow
Weeping its catkins over us - ashes
And what's left of me scattered, for the west wind
To lift me high into the skies before dropping
Down to earth and the world that gave birth
Under the shade of an African rock.

Or among the sophisticates of suburban London
Waiting for the 269 to take me just a few stops
Past the zebra crossing with a lollypop lady,
Through Royal Parade and Chislehurst aristocrats
To the front door, where you ring the bell,
But it sensed you coming and makes you welcome
Near the end of the journey of declining years.
But even here exploration continues.
So let me just stay on the way, wandering
Till I'm found and welcomed with open arms
To the place already reserved for me,
Only to discover it's myself I've found.

March 2017

A response to the Bible Study on 'Spiritual Exploration'.

(Photo: Constantia, Cape Town 2008)