Ultimate Reflections

Sub-particular matters collide
Bombarding each other
Through subterranean tunnels
To unearth the ultimate everything
While assembled physicists split hairs
In a language that leads to nothing.
Cultures collide across the meridian
Isobars moving in cloud formation
Bumping each other in the stratosphere
Thundering with lightning bolts
Discovering voltaic energy exploding
Into destruction that leaves us with nothing.
Truth takes a battering on a cross
While the pantheon of Olympian gods
Still quarrel with endless disputes
Displacing one another in power play
Of superiority sustained by religious rivalry
Proving their mythology to be nothing.
Copper compressed with iron
Clashes with brass band cymbals
In a simple hallelujah
While the underground experiments
Lead to more questions and more searches.
Shouting ‘It is finished’, but still show nothing.
Heaven and earth meet in conflict
Good versus evil against each other
As the curtain is rent in two
Allowing access to the holy of holies
And silence reigns in the dawning
Of ultimate reality unveiled forever.
September 2008
Reflections on the experiment at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), Switzerland which plans to discover more about the birth of the universe, and the so-called ‘God-particles’.