Fully Cleansed

The swimming pool at Hotel AlteinFeet set steady on a rock
Wading against the jet stream
Yet relaxed in swirling currents
Tumbling centrifugally against gravity
Myoglobin[1] strengthened in weightlessness
Mitochondria[2] energised in turbulence
Grey matter cleansed without detergent
In the emptying of yesterday's thoughts
Restored, ready, braced
For the call of surrounding mountains
And the aspirations of today
Set by the triune God
As purification waters evaporate
Leaving the spirit renewed
In the fresh baptism of the morning.
July 2008The whirlpool and the ‘fast lane’ at Hotel Altein
After an early morning swim and water aerobics in the spa during a stay at Hotel Altein in Arosa, Switzerland, with thoughts on the man at the Pool of Bethesda. (John 5)

[1] The protein of heart and skeletal muscle
[2] The power sources of the cells