Beyond Belief

Upside down and back to front

The theme inverted for perfection

Canons blended into fugal music

Fit for an enquiring thinker

Awaiting the reason of logic

In the mind's eye

And the inner ear.


Sum of completely squared aggregates

The opposite side of a triangle

Leaning against the set-square

Points joined in completion

Of another calculation

In the tidiness of maths

Outlined for Pythagoras.


But still the creator of eternal perfection

Is unconfined by the stave

Elusive in the triangle of faith

Calculated and questioned by searchers

Mind-blown into infinite space

Seemingly out of existence

But there.


5 April 2008


Following discussion on the need for poetic form, and while reading 'Night in the Palace of Reason' (James Gaines) in which he mentions the Baroque quest for mathematical and musical perfection