Recreated Vision

3-D on.

Light pierces dazzlingly brilliant,

Dancing at the speed of eternity.

Energy, matter and motion squared into a formula of God

Compounded from the simplicity and complexity of power

Kaleidoscoped into movement

Discovered in Einstein faith.



Waters separate from dry land

Freezing along the line that divides

Heaven from earth, the seen from the unseen,

Expanding into ice a tenth bigger than it was

While the temperature drops therapeutically

Sealing as it goes.



For cautery without nuts and bolts

Sizzling life's blood, traversing canals

In a bush-fire rising smokily from earth's dust

With which we are made in someone else's image

And a fragility that can be mended

By a laser just on standby.



Injected into atmospheric vacuum.

The sun sets into nothingness;

The magnetic moon rises to take its place,

And the air fluid level bounces with a thousand floaters

That tilt with posture in a milky way

As the eye becomes a living soul.


Count and close.

Check there's nothing left behind

With fish of the sea and birds of the air,

Shapes flying in suction, swimming in perpetual motion.

Serpentine shapes disappearing into space,

Figures of evil in the Mosaic record

Who've done their thing.



With man-made fibre, not feline absorption,

Nor woven with silk from a mulberried worm

That wriggles uncomfortably until the drapes are removed

Exposing the new made man who's lost nothing

As he wakes from sleep to a mate

Whose presence is kindness incarnate.


It went well - what's next?

The team say work's done.

With tension relieved movement returns,

So night falls for another sunrise on the day of rest

With white tulips pinked by the early morning

Of restored vision and fresh discoveries

Of six days' creation.


12 May 2005


The morning after vitrectomy/retinal repair at St Thomas' Hospital, reflecting on the six days of creation and steps in the surgery. The previous evening a radio programme had referred to Einstein and the physicist's faith.