Jonathan Paul Taylor

Mum and Dad decided

That these would be your names,

Linking you and your brother

To Israel's famous friends.

They were the best of pals

In spite of an elder's words.


Grandma said to David

'Do you like your brother?'

'He's nice', was the reply.

'Can he speak?' came another question.

'Not yet!' flowed the response

From your communicating brother.


David looked at Jonathan, thinking:

'You're a Paul, and I'm a Steven.

The apostle watched consentingly

As others hurled the stones.

But I'm protecting you -

I'm sure you'll care for me!'


Your parents' hopes for you and your brother

Are those that we have too -

That you'll share even more than a name,

Firmly bonded in friendship.

Growing out of the cries of infant silence

With the emergence of gentle speech.


September 1998