Yesterday Belongs to Us

Schoolmates___James_Guthrie.jpgTurn around in reverse gear
Tip-toeing back through times past
Decades devoured by a time machine
Passing homes known and roads travelled
With friends and playmates now on Facebook
Along country paths where Ericas bloom
Melting in the mists of a foggy mind
Clouded with grave-stones and museum marbles
Stretching back into years before faith
Cradled only in the Creator’s arms
Accepting infancy’s babble and scrawl
Completely ignorant of what happens tomorrow
But reliving the indelible memories of childhood
So that we are young again - not old.
January 2011

Thoughts on childhood prompted on seeing James Guthrie's painting: Schoolmates (adjoining) and George Henry's 'Playmates' at the Royal Academy of Art

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