Hazel Cottage

Pheasants exhibit their colourful plumagealtalt
Rabbits leap nimbly on National Trust herbage
Magpies hop clumsily clocking up mileage
While butterflies get dizzy on their roundabout voyage.
They all want to play somewhere better
So make their way to Hazel Cottage.
Foxes inflict an unwanted carnage
Squirrels hide nuts under somebody's garbage
Bees store their honey in a hexagonal package.
While spiders wrap their prey in the stickiest bandage.
They all want to dine somewhere better
So make their way to Hazel Cottage.


Cuckoos leave a neighbour's nest in outrage
Ants move their house all loaded with baggage
Badgers go burrowing down dried-out drainage
While hedgehogs dig deeper for greater advantage
They all want to live somewhere better
So make their way to Hazel Cottage.
Up Chapel Hill, past Burford Bridge  [1]
The Taylor seven have found the village
Where all who arrive feel the visit a privilege;
Westhumble's hosts merit life-long peerage.
No need to look elsewhere
They've made their home in Hazel Cottage.
Where Rachael's ballet rates well above average
And David opens a Microsoft package.
While Jonathan speaks with Shakespearean language [2]
Max and Piper ask when they'll get porridge. [3]
February 2009

Hazel Cottage is the home of the Taylor family in the village of Westhumble, near Dorking. You can access a 3-D model of it on google-earth here
[1] Burford Bridge is on the River Mole, giving its name to the adjoining hotel.
[2] Jonathan is playing Romeo in the Brockham School production of Romeo and Juliet.
[3] Max and Piper - the Taylors' labradors