A Tenth Birthday

Runescape GameplayAll Gielinor honours him today
To celebrate the RuneScape way
As Jonathan reaches milestone ten
Wearing the cape of accomplished men.
And Kids Alive asks can they join
Instead of sword, they bring a coin
For our man’s special birthday jest
Clicking his mouse in keyboard quest.
The Brockham Badgers line up straight
To cheer their left back football mate
Saving the team a goal or two
Tackling the other invading crew.
The family add a birthday wish
On Surrey Hills, in Dorking’s niche
Proud of a grandson’s steady tread
Saying a prayer for the quest ahead.
19 August 2008
Gielinor is the world of RuneScape - Jonathan’s favourite computer game, which features skills, resources and also special prayers for its events, quests and combats. When reaching the highest available level in a skill, players may purchase a cape of accomplishment.
Jonathan is also a regular reader of Kids Alive, The Salvation Army’s popular children’s comic.