Heart Transplant

Researched and ready, cross-matched compatible
Replaced and restarted at the third attempt
The second-hand pump gains momentum
In another third day resurrection
As the world erupts in disbelief
Clamouring for news of the break-through
From a team now on the back foot, waiting
Until the R-wave disappears in a-systole
And bereft families lay grief to rest
With the personal possessions of loved ones
While the donor lies silent in her own grave
Her parting gift unknowingly given
Through a consenting father distraught by loss
Piercing the future with fresh hope.

February 2011
On visiting the Heart of Cape Town Museum., Groote Schuur Hospital

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Site of the Denise Darvall motor accident on Main Road, Observatory, 
that led to her deeath and the use of her heart for the first heart transplant