Victory Celebration

The trains on line converge at City Point

To plan the end of one year's study load

Of calm prescribing which he'll then anoint

With priestly touch in gentle palliative mode

When others shout defeat and so give up,

Allowing death to come with decent haste

To end the fight with sorrow's painful cup

This bonded family too has had to taste.


The unexpected pair on platform two

Cause hearts to leap in unsurpassed surprise

With stealthy creeping into Waterloo

To share the joy and honour family-wise.


In dining here we celebrate a past

Victorious armies always hope will last.



21 July 2004


Recalling the 30 June surprise celebration on completion of the year in Palliative Medicine. We dined at The People's Palace - Royal Festival Hall, where mum and dad du Plessis had celebrated commissioning with us in 1968.