Somewhere Better

Rise in position to the spot where you view

The twinned lakes landscape,

Heaven and earth engineered into perfection

Shaped by the solitude of divinity

With barely a word

Yet agreement that it is good.


Look high in the sky where mirages fly

Dangerously deceptive in formation,

While the clouds reflect

Their thundering war cries

Patterning themselves on the lake

In defence of what is good.


Look for the missing piece

The thousandth part of the puzzle,

Completing the picture of another's mind

Sawn into a myriad shapes

Broken time and again for reassembling

Simply as good as it was.


Make up one set after another

Philatelic pride of the nations,

Collections of the years sorted out,

Discarding the imperfect

Saved and soaked in the baptism

Of purification to identify with goodness.


Let the longing for something better

Spur the ageing pilgrim

To continue the search for perfection

In the adventure of explorations

Of old ways and known places

Becoming the very best through intentions.


Delve deep with attentive listening

As she presents the case

Historically systematised into what it's like

To be facing the end uncertain

Whether eternal nothingness

Lies beyond a lifetime's goodness.


Move quietly and peacefully into heaven

Engulfed by the beauty of earth

Relaxed in the creator's presence

Enfolded in the love and acceptance

Of perfection personified

If only in the moment of passing.



9 July 2004