Bethany Kid

I’m a child who longs for the man
They say healed the lame and the blind
In Galilee and Judea;
Apparently he visited Bethany
Making a dead man alive
So there’s a chance he fixes my kind
Or will send along someone who can.
I’m a child who longs to play,
Preferring a bag on the back
To the small one on the thigh,
No longer dragging my heels
With weighed-down boots;
A stick to give the ball a whack
Not merely a crutch for the way.
I’m a child who longs to be loved,
Enfolded in someone’s arms
(But not to be exploited, mind you)
To know I really am wanted,
Accepted like all other kids,
With them, and by them, without qualms
And not to be pushed and shoved.
I long for a right-size head
Because mine grows a little bit bigger,
Making me feel smaller and smaller
Especially when teased by the boys;
So the surgeons have fitted a shunt
That’ll make my life much better –
All because a few people cared.
25 April 2013 

A child reflects on the work and support of BethanyKids Bringing healing and hope to children with disabilities in Africa.