To A London Cab-Driver

Eyes meet in reversed images of the rear-view mirror370px_London_Black_Cab___April_2007_1_.jpg
Gazing ahead beyond the sat-nav and its postcode
Since he knows his way round SW1 and the rest;
Professional three-point-turner, navigator of the back streets
And dark corners of the unknown to our journey’s end
Where the Guvnor waits at the open gates of heaven
Checking the meter, though He’d already paid for all [1]
Before the taxi could drive us up this way.
Switched off, and parked under a radiant one-way sign
The door clicks with a smiling goodbye wave.   
He heads into the distance, continuing on foot
While we’re left on the back seat wishing we’d given a tip.
Uncertain destiny, the way unknown? [2]
The journey shared till we arrive alone.
In memory of a London cab-driver - Max Eastgate (1940 – 2009)
May 2009
Photograph of London Black Cab by David Iliff, April 2007