Another Monetary Crisis

Weaned from love to the capitalist's bottle of S26  [1]

And schooled unawares in the scramble

For riches and wealth-wielding power.

From the rattle of infancy's money-box

To bright-coloured counters

Of addition in Sub-B's arithmetic book

Where we toy somewhat enviously

With someone else's thousands.


Juggling with journalised ledgers

In balancing acts of electronic fun.

Making ends meet through the lower grades

To top wage affluence


In excess of need.

What about the surplus (that doesn't go in tax)?

Parabled into talents. [2]


First it's five percent in a savings-bank account

Then with rising dividends to stockbroker shares,

Until computerised gambling invests

On ticker-tape news of de Beers [3]

And the role of gold.

I never see my money - I just know it's there:

Hidden assets with a will -

Mere paper weights with special drawing rights. [4]


Away with this stop-ordered life!

Let me love without inflation.

With vaulted security behind me

Let me love my neighbour as I ought, [5]

But now I can't afford to.


June 1973


[1] Infant formula

[2]  Matt 25:14 ff

[3] The South African mining company

[4] The international unit of account

[5] Luke 18:18 ff