Waking Dreams

No-one knows my name because that no-one is me
Answering the phone of my own call with my own voice
Hearing only what I’ve said with my own thoughts;
Joined by ring finger attachment to another no-one,
Yet disconnected as the desire for belonging evaporates
With contentment in neutered zombification;
Surrounded by beauty, yet making no sense of it
As the Creator too is tossed out of the window
Stripped of truth in a secular multi-faith melting pot
Leaving us to invent the god of our own making
Who turns out to be just another no-one
In the nightmares of midnight 
That freeze in the torment of eternal nothingness
That can only spell damnation.
A yawn, a stretch, and a rub of the eyes
As glacial snows glisten under a morning sun
Melting through forests that keep the stream company
As she empties into the lake of deepest green
With gestures of stillness and smiles of acceptance
From that divine no-one with an unspeakable name
Who turns out to be someone really special,
Present long before and there long after
Eight o'clock rings out from the church
Calling the faithful to the joys of eternal bliss
As we wake to find they were dreams within dreams;
And we start another day in the real world of real people
Saying good morning to each other - by name
And then a cup of tea together.
August 2011

Abstract Lines Clipart Vector from: Freewareme.com