Christmas Ding Dong

He scans the skies for planets’ re-arrangingDing_Dong_Merrily_on_High_front_1_.jpg
     She spots the light- bulbs that always need changing
He marks the start of the peace-making way
     She races frantic through the year’s shortest day
He states the case for eternal truth       
     She claims it’s only just legend and myth
He meditates on Christmas - silently
     She just laughs with a comedienne’s mockery
He’s content with a pavement wrap
     She aims for wealth and a luxury lap
He sings along with shopping mall carollers
     She gets tipsy with night club revellers
He comes in quietly with no hint of force.            
     She storms out irate, threatening divorce
Singing: Ding, dong merrily on high
     Today the bells are ringing.
December 2010
With thoughts and prayers for those experiencing family and marital conflict.