The truth’s out - no more cover-ups.
     Whispers pound satellites,
     Overheard in the wiki-wiki of Hawaii. [1]
     Exposed by a code-breaking whistle-blower
     Geek getting his wayWikileaks_20logo_1_.png
     By deleting ‘Private and Confidential’
     In today’s Inquisition.
     Reports written with invisible ink
     Blazoned across broadsheets
     Tipp-ex tipped out ineffectually.
     Only blood already spilt
     Can clear up the mess
     Restoring trust and judgement 
     Deferred beyond cyberspace.
     December 2010 

Allegations of corporate and government misconduct on WikiLeaks 
prompt pondering both the prediction of Jesus in Matthew 10:26 
that all would be revealed, and also the verse in 1 John 1:7
                             ‘If we walk in the light as He is in the light, 
                             we have fellowship one with another.
                             And the blood of Jesus, his Son purifies us from all sin.’

The images of WikiLeaks logo - from WikiLeaks

[1]  Wiki-wiki – Hawaiian for ‘quick’