Los Angeles Search and Find

Sheltered in the BellRed_Shield.jpg
Ninety days free of charge
Our anonymous service-user
Monitored half-hourly
For the sake of others.
Housed in Alegria
And allowed to stay
On indefinite tenure
While hope is born
In vulnerability.
Registered under a Red Shield
Around the Lakers’ basket
Competition without combat
Bringing peace
To the streets.
Donald_Duck_on_the_Walk_of_Fame__Hollywood.JPG     Walked down Hollywood
     On the pavement of fame
     Past theatres of a million images
     With footprints scarred
     In solidified sand.
     Processed past fourteen stations
     Around Forest Lawns
     To take up a cross
     On a hundred foot canvas
     While others watch.
     Paraded with roses down Pasadena
     Sharing the excitement of past experience
     Over cappuccino at Starbucks -
     Our own Grand Marshall
     A cut above the rest.
January 2010
‘Where is Christ?’ was a question as we visited several Salvation Army programmes in Los Angeles – The Bell Shelter, Alegria and The Red Shield Youth & Community Centre.
The question continued as we visited other parts of Los Angeles, including Hollywood, The Crucifixion at Forest Lawns Cemetery and then watched Captain Chesley Sullenberger III being honoured as Grand Marshall in the parade of The Tournament of Roses, with its 2010 theme: A Cut above the Rest.
But sometimes it was just over a cup of coffee together that we sensed His presence.

Click here for photographs while in Los Angeles