The Pink Moment


1321 on Hout Bay Harbour
A hand holds her wrist
Above bandaged coal-tar [1]
In the blush of love discovered.
1532 onto Lower Main Road
With arms engaged
As man and wife under confetti
In the blush of love now pledged.
2137 in the maternity corridor
With one and two others
As a child is born smeared in vernix
In the blush of love expressed.
The_Pink_Moment__Ojai.JPG     1239 in a Heathrow hangar
     Amid boxes littered
     Awaiting another’s luggage
     In the blush of love that serves. [2]
     0908 in a Calders’ suite
     Where 40 roses arrive
     As feet shake off Fish Hoek sand 
     In the blush of love matured.
     1652 on the Ojai balcony
     Waiting for the clouds to part
     Inviting us to an unknown future
     In the blush of love confirmed.
December 2009
Recalling special events and anniversaries as we watched the ‘pink moment’ at Ojai, California, a few days after our 45th wedding anniversary.

[1] Her hands were affected by severe eczema on 1 January 1960
[2] We spent much of our 25th wedding anniversary helping a friend recover luggage at Heathrow Airport