Christ Through the Back Door

He comes through the centre door

Claiming the plastic pass

That enables him to enter as a visitor

To go where we will.


But a red light shines at the board room door

Barring the hundred and one agendas

That strategise the world for Christ.

And  the building's future


Darkness shrouds the basement hall.

But a single lamp lights up the face

Of a dejected General

Once told to go - to go and do something.


The second floor office is empty .

Gone - with a Reliance ticket -

Encircling the world, temporarily homeless himself,

With love for those not yet his own.  .


So he surrenders the visitor's pass

To enter the back door

Dedicated to those of whom he's one,

And goes to make his dwelling place with men.


19 December 1999


Written while on retreat at St Julian's, upholding in prayer the General and the International Strategic Planning and Management Council as they took decisions on the future of 101 Queen Victoria Street.


We'd just returned from nearly six weeks away in South Asia, and were reflecting on the meaning of what we were doing. We had been at the COS's party for the ISs. The concluding conversation with the General had been on the emphasis of his first visit to India within weeks..It concluded with an apology for absence from ISPAM next day, but assurance of prayer for him and the council.


It acknowledges the shelter for the homeless created in the IHQ basement not far from the Bramwell Booth Hall, which some say should be converted into a visitors' centre.