The Lion's Chase

Lounge lazily in the sunshine

Basking in the morning warmth

As a wintry sky opens feebly

Allowing stillness reign

In quiet anticipation

Of something to break a fast.


Stalk stealthily under blanket clouds

Throwing no shadow of turning

Pursed lips, tense limbs creeping tip-toe

Along paths worn by generations

Wide-eyed, antennae bristling

In search of prey.


Pounce perfectly with heart and limb

Changing pace in deepest breath

That is more than a sigh

Catecholamines [1] injected

Exciting exhilaration

In preparedness for attack.


Bound blithely in pursuit -

Light speed arcing across stones,

Head down into billowing dust

Above hooves united in flight,

With unclawed footpads stretched aimlessly

Into thin air as the herd escapes.


Return reluctantly, still hungry

Growling disappointment

To regroup and plan

The next attempt

To bring back the morning's hunt

And a completed task.


June 2006

After watching the lions fail on the banks of the Imfolozi. 


[1]  Adrenalin and noradrenalin