The Empty Rock Pools

The rock pool starfish curves its arms

In the respectful 'namaste' of Indian greeting,

Mirror of False Bay's coastline

Resurrecting childhood flashbacks

Embalmed in the memories of molluscan death.


A single sea-urchin retreats from the rock pool

Overwhelmed by ecological sadness

Rolling through the kelp forests

Searching for meaning in a new existence

No longer munching the ocean's debris.


A silent sea-anemone stands immobile

Frozen by global warming, statuesque

With sand in non-existent eyes

Blinded by the rays of early morning light

Weeping disappointment's tears into the rising tides.


Grey-winged gulls face the morning sun

Rising behind the south-easter

Whipping waves across the deceptive bay

Squawking their love for Catherine,

Princess of the sixties' children.


Restore the creation, they cry,

Bring back the children of gentleness,

Admit the protectors of the next generation's joy,

Welcome the Taylor offspring, leaping the rocks,

Splashing into yesterday's rock-pools!



On being unable to give our love to Catherine's sea anemones at Fish Hoek

February 2002