A Dagga Smoker's Prayer


Ag man, Jesus, I'm mos just a shunter:

Klaas from the gramadoelas [2].

And though I really smaak [3] my job,

Everybody thinks I'm a lazy ou.

Thirty rand without overtime

And a charcoal waistcoat now and then.

I just sommer [4] change the points for the goods

Even though I'm bleary-eyed.

Plenty of time to voeter [5] around,

Rolling a zoll [6] beside the rails

And then a drag as the train pulls out.

Just stop the ollah [7] from copping me,

But send my mother's dominee [8] :

He should nogal [9] help. 


April 1972

Written while on holiday in South Africa, using South African slang.

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[1] Dagga: meaning Marijuana

[2] Rough country

[3] Enjoy

[4] For no particular reason

[5] Laze

[6] Rolled cigarette

[7] Policeman

[8] Minister

[9] Fairly